Windows 11 Installation Full Guide | It Has Been Officially Released!

Windows 11 Installation Full Guide  It Has Been Officially Released!


As you all know Windows 11 has been launched and many people want to download it but many people are not able to download it because they do not know the right way from where to download how to download What should be its requirements to download?


Downloading Windows 11

Windows version 11 is an upgraded version of windows 10. it comes with lots of new features and many new things. It will be compatible with all the devices that run windows 7 and windows 8. Windows versions are also known as the operating system. Windows are made with special software which can be used to make programs with working of this software. Windows operates on a system of software. Every program is required to be registered with Microsoft company. Microsoft company which is the biggest company for designing, making, and developing operating systems and programs. How to Install Windows 11 Windows 10 is available for free download but now, you will have to purchase windows 11 to get it. You can download this from its official website.

Requirements to download 

Do note that Windows 9 is not compatible with Windows 10 and neither Windows 7. You must download the older version of windows to download windows 11. How to Download Windows 10: How to Download Windows 10 Today download the ISO file from their website and install it on your computer. So, Please follow these steps to Download Windows 10 First of all open your Windows 10 application (EPUB browser may work, but no control panel or options are visible on this program. If the program has a control panel and options visible, you can use that instead of the EPUB). Next, enter the IP address of your current system or the address from where you are going to download windows 10 and proceed further.


How to install 

Windows 10 is an excellent operating system and has many positive features that can’t be disputed. But there are two major issues with Windows 10, it is not free and the installation takes a lot of time, and has a lot of various options that make it complicated for people to use it. That’s why a lot of people want to avoid the installation of Windows 10 and instead, want to download an alternative that is not free but can save them time and has a lot of positives that are much easier to use, something people want to use. There is a free alternative to Windows 10 called Windows 11. This is still in its beta stage but a lot of people are already using it. So today we will explain to you the installation process of Windows 11 that would help you get it without spending money.


The Significance of the release of Windows 11

The biggest thing about the release of Windows 11 is that it is the final upgrade of the entire version of windows that has been launched. This means that if you are currently using windows 7 then you are already running Windows 8.1 and if you are using windows 8 then you are running windows 10. This is another factor that you need to remember, if you are using a device that has already been released then you will also be receiving the upgrade but if you are using a device that has not been released you will not be receiving the upgrade. The final release of Windows 10 included support for around 600 million devices and by the time of the release of Windows 11 and the Windows 8 OS and Windows 7 OS, the devices have grown by 7% which means there are more devices than before.



The best way for everybody who wants to download windows 11 is for them to have direct access to the Windows Store and download this windows 11.

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