Idea Ka Number Kaise Nikale?

Friends, today we will know that Idea Ka Number Kaise Nikale? Because if you have more than one SIM card then all of them do not remember their numbers. Similarly, if you have Idea SIM and you don’t know its number. So today we will tell you about some such easy ways, with the help of which you can very easily know the SIM number of your Idea.

So if you also do not know your idea number, then keep reading this post of ours completely. You can use any of the methods that we are about to tell you. After reading this post, you will not need to search again that Idea Ka Number Kaise Nikale?

Idea Ka Number Kaise Nikale from USSD Code?

If you want to get the number of the SIM of your Idea, then you can use the USSD Code for this. For this, you have to follow the steps given below.

  • First of all dial Simmons *131*1# of your idea.
  • After this, you will get a message from the company in which you will be asked to enter the correct code.
  • You can use *131*1# or *121*4*1*7# to check the idea number.
  • When you dial the code, your idea number will be shown on your screen.

So in this way you can find out your idea number very easily through USSD Code. So this was Idea Ka Number Kaise Nikale? The first way through which you can know your number.


App Se Idea Ka Number Kaise Nikale ?

If you are not able to remove your idea number through code then you can follow the other method given below! For this, you have to follow the steps given below!

  • First of all, you have to install the My Idea app on your phone from the play store.
  • After this, you have to open the app and log in with your ID number.
  • When you open the app, you will see your number on the homepage itself.

So in this way also you can find out the number of your idea very easily. Apart from this, you can also know your balance through this app.


Idea Ka Number Kaise Nikale from Customer Care?

Now if you don’t want or can’t get your idea number through code and app, then you can also know your number using the third method mentioned below. And that way is through Customer Care.

For this, you have to call 198 or 121 from your Idea SIM. In this, you will be told many options, out of which you have to select the option to talk to the consumer care officer.

After this, the customer care officer will talk to you. From that, you can get any information related to your SIM. Like your number, balance, validity, etc.


Kisi Ko Call Karke Idea Ka Number Kaise Nikale ?

This method is easier than all the above methods and almost everyone knows about it. All you have to do is make a call to any number with your Idea SIM. Then on his mobile, you can see your numbers and not it.


So, friends, this was our today’s post Idea Ka Number Kaise Nikale? I sincerely hope that you must have liked this information. So if you liked this article, then share it with your friends too. And if you want to ask any questions related to this post, then you can ask through the comment box given below.

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