How to do BSNL tele verification? BSNL Tele Verification Number


Friends, through today’s post, I am going to tell you how you can do BSNL Tele verification of your BSNL SIM! Because if you have just taken bsnl sim but you have not done its tele-verification yet! And you are not able to take advantage of the internet and calling facility! You’ll definitely read this post! Because today I’m going to tell you the whole way step by step!


Whenever we buy a SIM card of any company, we have to do a tele-verification of it! Only then can we use our SIM! All companies have different numbers for verification! So in today’s post, we will know what is bsnl tele verification number? And how can we do the tele-verification of bsnl sim!


What is BSNL? BSNL Full Form

Bsnl’s full name is Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited! It’s the state-run telecom company of our country! It is headquartered in New Delhi and was incorporated on September 15, 2000. As of today, BSNL is known as the largest broadband and landline service provider in the country. BSNL is the oldest telecom company in our country, India, which currently provides telecom services all over India except Delhi and Mumbai.


How to do BSNL Tele Verification?

Now let’s know how bsnl tele verification is done? So if you also want to do a tele-verification of your BSNL SIM, then for this, first of all you have to make a call to 1507 from your mobile! After that, you have to verify yourself through your document! For this, you have to follow the steps below!


  • First of all, put your BSNL SIM in your phone!
  • Then turn on your mobile phone!
  • When the network comes to the mobile, call 1507 or 123 and complete the verification process!
  • In this, you will be asked questions related to your identity and address!
  • As soon as you complete your verification process, your SIM is turned on! And after that you
  • You can take advantage of the internet and calling facilities!
  • After the SIM is turned on, you will get internet settings on your phone which you have to save!


Just friends, after doing so much, your SIM will be turned on and you will be able to avail all the services!

So friends, this was our little post today regarding BSNL Tele Verification! I’m sure you liked this information today! So if you liked this post, then you will definitely share it with your friends too! And if you have any questions, you can ask through the comments twenty below!

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