Airtel Ka Number Kaise Nikale?

Friends, today’s topic is Airtel Ka Number Kaise Nikale? Because it happens with many people that due to having more sims, they do not remember the number of any of their sims. Or we have to know the number of another person’s sim. So today I am going to tell you this method, how to find the number of any airtel sim?

So if you also want to know, then definitely read this post completely from beginning to last. Then you will understand the whole way.

Airtel Ka Number Kaise Nikale ?

The easiest way to find out the number of any airtel sim is by using the USSD code. Whether you use a smartphone or a normal phone. You can know your airtel number with just one code.

So let’s know how to remove the airtel number through the USSD code?

  • First of all, open your dialer pad.
  • After this dial *282#.
  • Now hit the call button.
  • Your Airtel number will be visible to you.
  • How to know the airtel number through SMS?

If for some reason you are not able to remove your airtel number through code. So you can also know your number through a message. For this, you have to follow the steps given below.

  • First of all, you have to call 123 from your airtel number.
  • After this press 1 for mobile balance and validity.
  • Now press 1 again for balance and validity through the message.

After doing this, a message will come on your mobile immediately in which you can see your airtel number.

Some Useful USSD Codes of Airtel

Airtel Ka Number Kaise Nikale :So I told you how you can know your airtel number through code. Now in the list below, I am telling you some other important codes of Airtel, with the help of which you can know many more information apart from knowing the number.


Airtel Number Check *282#
Balance Check *123#
Check Unlimited Packs *121*1#
Airtel Offer & Number Check *121#
Data Balance Check *121*2#
Airtel Plan Validity Check *121#
Talktime Loan *141# or *141*10#
Airtel Puk Code *121*51#
Hello tune Code *678#
Airtel Last 5 Call Details *121*7#


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